List of WTA rising stars – Vote for your favorite now!


Rising star is a player younger than 22. Rising star is a player who showed potential on ITF( in juniors or seniors) or on WTA tour. You can read a list first and then you can vote for your favorite! Rising star is a player ranked inside top 200. There will be 17 juniors and honorable mentions who are all ranked outside of top 200! In december, I’ll start writing about 30 players with most votes and about 2 wild cards( players chosen by me )! I’ll write about their personal life, play style, results etc. It’ll be fun. Here’s a poll with all rising stars!
PS: If I had forgot some rising stars, let me know! 😉

You can vote for 30 PLAYERS in this poll. Keep voting. I’ll tell you final results at the end of this month. Love y’all!


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