WTA predictions for season of 2015!!!



First, I want to apologize to all of you because I wasn’t writing about WTA rising stars. I really had tough couple of months in school and I had to study a lot! Now, all of that is behind me and I’m ready to write my predictions again! I’ll write about rising stars in 2015, but now I will write my predictions for season of 2015. My fellow blogger James Peeling(Moo’s tennis blog) inspired me to write this article. I’m hoping that you’ll like it and that some of you will tell me their own predictions!

~~~TOP 10 predictions for season of 2015~~~

1. Simona Halep

673Singapore Tennis WTA Finals

Simona played amazing in 2014 and I think she’ll reach the top of her game next year. With her smart counterpunching game she can beat much more powerful opponents. She showed of what she’s capable of when she destroyed Serena Williams in Singapore. I think that Simona will be very consistent next year and that she’ll become world no.1! Her best chance to win a Grand Slam will come at Roland Garros and at her best surface – clay!

2.Petra Kvitova


Petra played badly in the 1st half of 2014, but she was one of the best players in the 2nd half. Winning Wimbledon was obviously the highlight of her season. With her massive game she can overpower anyone. Kvitova will never be one of the most consistent players, but her flashes of brilliance will bring her close to the top. Her best chance to win her 3rd Grand Slam will come at Wimbledon and at her best surface – grass!

3.Serena Williams


Serena was impressive in 2014, but there was some indications that she’s very vulnerable right now. Losses to Cornet, Cepelova and Muguruza (and some retirements too) made me think that Serena can’t finish season of 2015 as no. 1. However, I believe that Serena will play some tournaments where she’ll be on her best so I believe she’ll finish in top 3. Serena’s powerful game is still very effective. She plays well at every surface and she have a good chance to collect another Grand Slam!

4.Maria Sharapova


Maria played very well in 2014, especially on the clay, but she played a lot of tight matches against low-ranked opponents. Sharapova must learn that she can’t come back from a set down always. Her aggressive game will allow her to stay in top 4, but I think that top 2 is too much for Maria. WTA tour is so strong now and players are smarter and harder to beat than ever! Her best chance to win a Grand Slam will come at her best surface (clay) and her best Grand Slam – Roland Garros!

5.Caroline Wozniacki


After Roland Garros, Caro played some of her best tennis ever! She beaten a lot of top class players and she was extremely tough opponent for everyone. I believe that she’ll continue to play consistent and aggressive and that it will bring her her first Grand Slam very soon. I think that her best chance to win her 1st Grand Slam will come at Australian Open!

6.Ana Ivanovic


Ana’s resurgence in 2014 was impressive. I believe she’ll continue to play very well in next season. Her aggressive game with lot of variations will be dangerous for everyone. Ana struggled at Slams in 2014, but I think she’ll change it in 2015. I think she have a good chance to win another Slam. Now, she plays well at all surfaces so she have a good chance at all Slams!

7.Agnieszka Radwanska


Aga’s season of 2014 was full of ups and downs. All the players are now more patient and aggressive and Radwanska’s magical defense can’t surprise them anymore. Still, Aga plays a beautiful tennis with lot of magical shots so I think she’ll stay in top 8. I don’t think she’ll win a Grand Slam next year, but she have the best chance at Wimbledon!

8.Victoria Azarenka


Vika barely played a few tournaments in 2015. She was struggling with injuries, but still she managed to finish in top 32. It’s too early for her to come back to top 2, but I think she’ll be back to top 8. With her consistent and aggressive game, she’ll be dangerous opponent. I don’t think she’ll win a Grand Slam in 2015, but her best chance will come at US Open!

9.Jelena Jankovic

Jelena Jankovic of Serbia returns a shot to Sofia Arvidsson of Sweden during their match at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Jelena played consistent and amazing until Roland Garros. After that, she barely won a couple of matches. She struggled with back injury, but I think she’ll finish next season in top 10! With her aggressive counterpunching game she’ll still be a dangerous player! Her chances to win a Grand Slam are low, but her best chance will come at Roland Garros!

10.Lucie Safarova


Lucie was one of the most underrated players at start of the year. She played tight matches against Sharapova and Li, but she still was outside the top 20! After Roland Garros, she played consistent and simply amazing. With her extremely aggressive game she’ll finish next season in top 10. I think she won’t win a Grand Slam, but her best result will come at Wimbledon!

~~~Best of my country – Serbia!~~~

As I already mentioned, I belive that Ana and JJ will finish in top 10 next year. But, what about other players?! Serbian no.3 Bojana Jovanovski completed plasma therapy and her arm in now healthy. With some new confidence and her hard-hitting game, I think that Bojana will enter top 30 for the first time in her career. Serbia’s no.4 Aleksandra Krunic showed of what she’s capable of when she reached R16 at US Open. She beaten Keys, Kvitova and she’s pushed Azarenka to 3 sets. With her patient game and amazing footwork, I think that she’ll finish in top 50 next year. She recently won title in Ankara so she’s really confident right now! Serbian no. 5 Jovana Jaksic will probably fall down in term of ranking after Monterrey. Her game is still raw and inconsistent and she needs to work on some things before she can reach her full potential. I think she’ll finish around 150. place next year. Next one is Vesna Dolonc. She have tons of potential, but she done nothing in 2014. She’s not longer in top 200. I believe that next year will be a little better for her and that she’ll finish in top 200! Ivana Jorovic is our newest rising star. She is former no.1 junior and I expect a lot from her. She have nice all-round game and I think she’ll enter top 100 next year. Nina Stojanovic is one of our rising stars too. She won 11 titles this year and she’s really confident right now. I believe she’ll enter top 200 next year. Doroteja Eric have done almost nothing this year and I belive she’ll finish next year outside the top 400. Vojislava Lukic is our comeback player and she’s already on verge to reach top 400. I believe she’ll reach top 250 next year! That’s the best of my country!

~~~Top rising stars next year~~~

I believe that Bouchard and Bencic will be the best of the rising stars and that they’ll finish in top 15. I expect Muguruza, Keys, Svitolina and Stephens to finish in top 20 too! I believe that Giorgi, Diyas, Garcia and Jovanovski will finish in top 30. I expect Townsend, Siniakova, Konjuh and Krunic to finish in top 50. Bencic and her smart and aggressive game and Bouchard’s take-the-ball-early and very aggressive game will lead them to the top of the rising stars. Garbine’s consistent aggression, Madison’s ballbashing, Elina’s smart aggression and Sloane’s athletic and powerful game will help them to finish in top 20. Camila’s extreme aggression, Zarina’s smart-hitting, Caroline’s clean-hitting and Bojana’s consistent baseline aggression will help them to finish in top 30. Taylor’s aggressive all-round game, Katerina’s hard-hitting, Ana’s magnificent power and Aleksandra’s athletic abilities will help them to finish in top 50!

~~~Comeback players!~~~

I expect Sorana Cirstea to come back to top 30. She’s currently close to be out of top 100, but I know she’ll bounce back in 2015. Her pure power deserves to be ranked in top 50 at least! Vera Zvonareva is starting her comeback again this year and I think she’ll make it. She has almost no points to defend so I believe she’ll enter top 100 at least. Who knows, maybe she enter top 50 as well! Laura Robson is our next comeback player. I think she’s out of top 900 in this moment, but she have all the weapons and willingness to enter top 50 again. However, I don’t think it’ll happen this year. At most, she’ll re-enter top 100! Kleybanova and Hampton are still under the cloud of injuries so I don’t think they’ll finish in top 200. I also expect Wickmayer to re-enter top 50 this year! I believe that Date-Krumm will finish in top 100 again and that Tanasugarn will enter top 200! Kimiko is great inspiration for other players. I believe that players like Jie Zheng and Francesca Schiavone will be out of top 100. Hlavackova and Hradecka will finish in top 150! Maria Kirilenko will come back to top 50, while Urszula Radwanska will re-enter top 100! That’s all for now!

~~~Players with best chance to win a Grand Slam~~~

AUSTRALIAN OPEN – 1.Serena Williams 2.Caroline Wozniacki

ROLAND GARROS – 1.Maria Sharapova 2.Simona Halep

WIMBLEDON – 1.Petra Kvitova 2.Serena Williams

US OPEN – 1.Serena Williams 2.Caroline Wozniacki

Thanks for reading this article, if you want you can tell me your impressions and predictions in comments!


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